2022 Ford E-Transit Flushing MI

Growing your Flushing, Flint, or Swartz Creek, MI, business is an exciting step. To reach your fullest potential, you need a van that’s designed to get the job done. One of the best vans for the job is the 2022 Ford E-Transit.

This unique electric cargo van has everything you and your business could possibly need, so take a look through this LaFontaine Ford of Flushing 2022 E-Transit review to learn what the E-Transit can do for you!

Count on Electric Power

While this van offers all the benefits of a Ford Transit vehicle, it also brings tons of electric-powered perks. For instance, the Ford E-Transit can go many places gas-powered models would be excluded from.

Since the Ford E-Transit has a quiet powertrain, it will allow you to get on the road even in areas with noise restrictions. It also has zero emissions, meaning you can drive the van into enclosed spaces with limited ventilation. When you need to pick up cargo from inside a warehouse or make deliveries in a quiet residential area, the E-Transit is up to the task.

The E-Transit comes with available Pro Power Onboard, a built-in power system with outlets in the cargo area that can supply 2.4kW of power. This system is an excellent feature to have whether you need to charge a laptop before a meeting or plug in a jigsaw at the worksite.

Working for You

Another benefit business owners are sure to appreciate about electric vehicles, like the E-Transit, is that they require significantly less maintenance than their gas-powered counterparts. This will help you cut down on scheduled maintenance costs.

The standard 12-inch touchscreen is designed to work for the driver as much as it works for you. On the one hand, it can help improve productivity and give the driver access to any infotainment features they need.

However, you can utilize this screen, too, with Ford Commercial Solutions. This will help you keep track of your fleet since drivers can identify themselves and the vehicle they’re operating through the display screen. Ford Commercial Solutions will also help you keep an eye on the battery range and charge, monitor energy consumption, and more.

Benefits of the E-Transit

Since it’s available in three lengths and three roof heights, you can get an E-Transit that’s built to accommodate your unique needs. In fact, there are even available chassis cab and cutaway models.

The tallest roof height is spacious enough for someone 6 feet 9 inches tall to stand completely straight. Meanwhile, the low-roof model is compact enough to easily fit into 7-foot garages.

With features like the rotary shifter and e-brake instead of a manual parking brake lever, your cabin will feel spacious and workable. It will be easy to move around and every feature is conveniently placed for intuitive use.

Additionally, the battery is integrated into the underbody of the vehicle, ensuring you still have all the cargo space you need to get the job done.

Get Behind the Wheel

You’ll find the missing piece to your Flushing, Flint, or Swartz Creek, Michigan, business with the versatile and powerful 2022 Ford E-Transit. Once you check it out for yourself and learn even more about its plethora of features, you’ll be excited to add it to your workforce.

So, contact the LaFontaine Ford of Flushing team to learn more about the 2022 Ford E-Transit today!