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Ford Oil Change

From drives to the park to trips into the city down I-75, you count on the oil in your vehicle's engine every time you head out on the roads of Flushing, Flint, and Swartz Creek, Michigan. To keep the engine performing at its very best, you will need to have the oil changed every few thousand miles.

Here to help you when your Ford is due for an oil change is our team at LaFontaine Ford of Flushing! They can quickly complete this routine service and make sure your car's engine continues to provide a smooth and safe performance.

The Importance of Oil Changes

Why do we need to change the oil in our cars? The reason for this routine yet crucial service is to help keep the engine performing safely and at its most efficient.

The engine oil has two key responsibilities. It keeps the moving parts in the engine lubricated, so they can freely and smoothly move about without damaging other parts. It also helps dissipate heat, so the engine doesn’t overheat. Over time, though, debris gets into the oil and the oil level itself lowers.

In order, then, to keep the oil doing its job at its very best, you will need to have it changed when it becomes old and low in level. Getting the oil changed also helps lower the chances of damage happening to the engine, so it won‘t need to undergo more complex repairs.

Ford Oil Change

Signs It’s Time for an Oil Change

How do you know when it's time for an oil change? While it is best to get the oil changed once every six months or every 5,000 miles, the lifespan of engine oil varies from car to car. That is why you will want to schedule an oil change whenever you notice any of these warning signs:

  • Loud Engine Noise: When the engine oil becomes old or low, engine parts may start to collide with one another and make louder sounds.
  • Low Gas Mileage: Engine oil helps the engine perform more efficiently. So, when you notice your fuel economy dropping, it may be due to the engine oil wearing down.
  • Burning Smell: When the engine oil can no longer keep the engine cool, you may start to smell a burning odor in the cabin.

It is also best to check the engine oil yourself once a month. This is something that only takes a few minutes. You can gauge the overall condition of the oil and make sure there is enough still in the engine.

Ford Oil Change

Where Can I Get My Oil Changed?

When your Ford is due for its next oil change, you can bring it by our service center. Whether you drive an F-150, an Escape, or a Mustang, our technicians will use the premium oil that your specific Ford requires in its engine. That way, you can continue to enjoy the best performance possible and ensure the engine stays in great condition.

They can also get this service done for you fast and at a time that is most convenience for you. While we're working on your Ford, you can relax in our waiting area and use our free Wi-Fi to catch up on some work or your personal emails.

Ford Mechanic Service

Schedule Your Ford Oil Change Today!

Is it time to have the engine oil in your Ford changed? Schedule an appointment online or by giving us a call here at LaFontaine Ford of Flushing. Have our highly trained technicians help make sure your car is in its best possible condition as you travel around Flushing, Flint, and Swartz Creek, MI!

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