Family Deal Flexible Monthly Payment Plan

Family Deal Flexible Monthly Payment Plan

You worked hard and saved, to finally have that new vehicle in your driveway and a light pops up on your dashboard. You think to yourself…how much is this going to cost me, I didn’t budget for this. You arrive at the dealership to find out you need new tires, brakes, a new air filter and who else knows what. Maintenance costs can sneak up on you. Without warning, thus keeping you off the road and eating away your paycheck. But what if you simply can’t afford the repair your vehicle needs? LaFontaine Ford of Lansing now offers flexible monthly payments on vehicle maintenance, repairs, and tires.

LaFontaine Automotive group is adding Myloan to the Family Deal! Myloan is a new vendor partner for our service departments that will allow us to offer a payment plans/financing option to our customers to finance their service repair needs.

$750 and below is 4 months no interest, no credit (must be a US Citizen and have a valid checking account). Minimum $300 – Maximum $5,000.

Apply online in 60 seconds – Complete application at the dealership -Make your purchase! Easy as that! To find out more information click here!

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